Starflake, Doug L. Hoffman's latest SF novel released.

Resilient Earth Press is pleased to announce that Starflake, Doug Hoffman's sixth novel and the third book of the T'aafhal Legacy, is now available for purchase online at The voyage of the Peggy Sue continues under the command of Captain Billy Ray Vincent. The story resumes nearly a year after the events chronicled in The Queen's Daemon. This time they are off to the Pleiades in search of the ancient and mysterious T'aafhal. Along the way, they discover something unexpected, a million-year-old space station in an empty star system—the Starflake. The station gives up its secrets grudgingly and soon the explorers are in a fight for their lives.

During their previous voyage they were ambushed by the Dark Lords, became embroiled in an interplanetary war, and met with a not so friendly alien AI who cryptically told them to “seek the missing Pleiad.” With a new ship, Peggy Sue II, and a larger crew, Captain Billy Ray Vincent, First Officer Beth Melaku, Science Officer Mizuki Ogawa, and Sailing Master Bobby Danner head out for the Pleiades—an open star cluster filled with hot young stars, more than 400 light-years from the solar system—in hopes of finding the alien creatures who meddled in humanity's affairs and genome over four million years ago. On the way, they encounter a blockade by alien pirates, a mysterious space station over a million years old, and a dozen alien races, some friendly, some hostile, and some murderous. As in real life, things don't always go as planned.

Here are the author's comments about this new science fiction adventure novel:

I had my characters set off for the Pleiades with the best of intentions but they seem to have a life of their own. They found something interesting and ended up on an adventure in the Hyades, less than half way to the Pleiades. It seems that there is an anomalous object circling the star Delta-1 Tauri A, also known as Eudora. Since there was no way to fight curiosity's call, I changed the intended name of the novel and followed my characters as they led me on an adventure I had not planned. This is the third book in the T'aafhal Legacy series and is the most action filled story since M'tak Ka'fek, the climax of the preceding T'aafhal Inheritance trilogy. There are aliens galore, plus battles, intrigue, and mayhem. All on an ancient crystal space station called the Starflake.

Old friends return, among them the mischievous and less than trustworthy Kieshnar-rak-kat-tra, along with plenty of new alien species. Which are hostile and which are friendly is something the crew must work out as they explore an alien artifact over a million years old, inhabited by a gaggle of races that are interstellar squatters. How did they get there, where are the builders of the Starflake, and will the savage Others return to reconquer the station? Alien encounters lead to space battles, dog fights, and armed clashes between the Marines and a host of hostile creatures, some disturbingly familiar. As usual, between kidnappings and battles life goes on for the crew and Marines of the Peggy Sue. Just another day exploring the Orion Arm one-hundred and fifty light years from Earth.

Here is an excerpt from Starflake:

Toward the center of the floor, Keti and Simba were standing next to the opening of the central shaft. “LCpl. Boskovitch, there seems to be something going on in the central shaft.”


“Simba is right,” Keti called out. “A shaft of glowing light has appeared in the, er, shaft.”

“Coming to you.” Bosco and Fanni quickly converged on their teammates.

When they arrived at the shaft they could clearly see what Simba and Keti were talking about. A column of air along one side of the central opening was glowing like the beam of a searchlight on a dark night. Looking downward the color was a faint blue, looking upward it was reddish.

“What's happening?” Fanni asked, not addressing anyone in particular.

“Beats the hell out of me,” Keti replied.

Simba pointed down through the opening. “Look, there is something floating up the beam of light.”

His companions all peered over the edge. About halfway between their position and the top of the building below a figure was rising.

“It's going to be here in about fifteen seconds.”

“Chyort voz'mi! You are right.” Bosco was team leader, he had to make a call. “Spread out along the edge and cover it, but hold fire unless it shoots first. Break. Gunny, Bosco, we have contact.”

“Right.” Keti and Fanni jogged a dozen steps to the right of the men.

“I think it is accelerating.”

Again Simba was right, the approaching figure was ascending notably faster than a few seconds ago. The Marines crouched down, weapons at the ready. Glowing sight reticles danced across their helmet displays, slaved to the rail guns mounted on their forearms.

“Bosco, Gunny. Say again your last.”

A lumpy, misshapen figure flashed past the Marines and disappeared up the shaft.

“Gunny, You have company on the way. There is a humanoid creature flying up the central shaft toward your position. Over.”

“Copy, an alien is rising up the shaft. Interrogative, any details on the alien?”

“Da, is squat like troll, yellow color and is wearing a white diaper. Over.”

Starflake is available as a Kindle eBook and a trade paperback from If you liked The Queen's Daemon, Ghosts of Orion, and the T'aafhal Inheritance trilogy you will love Starflake. Though it's not necessary to have read the earlier books in the series to enjoy Starflake, if you haven't read the first five books you can find them on Amazon as well.


Loved it!

I have read all the books in the "Peggy Sue " series. Love it!

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